terça-feira, 17 de maio de 2011

God is more

God is more!
even when you say no
do not let it affect you
because my God is Bigger
our God is Bigger

Sometimes we let ourselves,  to affect the others say
this is not good..
because society lately has been feeling off
people no longer have that love for the next
and this is very sad...

We should not let others tell us what to do and when to do .
The light of the Lord shine on us more and more
in which we are diminished so that
God may grow in our life..
and that we disere in our heart , to seek more you, because  only the Lord can lift us up when we fall.

hi give us strength to walk, when we are weak, he tell us, ''Yes you Can'', when nobody else believes in us , he loves us even when we forget it, because God is Love!

and I Love You Lord!
every day more...

Thank you for everything!
God Bless


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